Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Break

Yesterday was a great day at home after church. Cameron worked a little bit on being a big boy today as he wore his big boy underwear for about an hour. Little steps forward and hopefully we'll be potty trained in the next month or so!

We also had a chance to get outside for a bit. Cameron loves shoveling snow and Emmy enjoyed riding in the sled. She wasn't able to move very well with her snowsuit on but she kept a smile on her face. Matt also enjoyed some time outside. His favorite thing to do right now is feed all of the wildlife in the valley. We have multiple piles of shelled corn in the yard right now. I admit it is pretty fun to wake up and see various creatures outside our windows. Lots of birds including pheasants, deer, squirrels (Jumpy the Squirrel as Cameron says) and turkeys. He is itching to get out and bow hunt more as the season is nearing its end.

Today we were with the Addington's celebrating Christmas. It was a blast! Having five little ones all two and under make the day very exciting. G'ma Carol and G'pa Gary always make the time very special when we are all together. We had great food, a little sledding, gifts to spoil all of us and mainly time together. Can't wait to do it again!

Tonight we are hoping for a restful night. Cameron and Emmy are living on little sleep which means Matt and I are also living on little sleep! They have not been good to take naps and have been up a bit at night as well. We'll see what tonight brings...:)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Time is Here

So...I'm really bad at this but if I can get a few posts in a month, I'll be happy. Just enough to remember what the kids and family are up to. Christmas time is upon us...actually it is already the day after Christmas but we still have a few Christmases to do.

It gets more and more fun with the kids. I'll be honest in saying I get a little crazy with buying gifts but I really love to give gifts to people. Favorite things to give this year were a ball and glove or glub as Cameron calls it. Also, Matt made a train table for Cameron. I think it should have maybe been a littletaller as Emmy loves to climb on it! For Emmy, a little stuffed cat from Little Missmatced. I actually think I like it more than she does. It is my new favorite store and I love everything from there! Grandma Deb went a little wild again too with the gifts for the kids but they are sure having fun with everything.

A quick run down from the last few days. Bad weather to say the least!! We were fortunate enough to make it everywhere we needed to go. Rochester on Christmas Eve - church with Amy and Kevin, Carol and Gary's for the evening with G'ma Sylvia. We didn't make it to G'ma Rosemary's in Winona so hopefully we'll get there over the break. Went to Brandon's house on Christmas day. Very fun to see everyone...just gets a little overwhelming at times. Then to mom and dad's for Christmas day night. Fun for all.

I will say that I think the thing I learned most about Christmas this year is that the Joy of the Season needs to be remembered. There were a few moments in the last few days that I didn't remember the joy...not good! Jesus is the reason for the season and Cameron helped remind me of this many times as he asked about having cake on Jesus' birthday...oh yeah! This is what it is about....not the gifts, not being somewhere at a certain time, and not the food. It is the special time of year when we are all reminded that Jesus came for us in a very humble way. Wow...we are blessed!

One quick thing I'd like to document, last week at Colleen's house, Cameron asked Colleen to hold him. He is a very loving and sensitive little boy to say the least. He likes to be held! While she held him, Cameron started to run Colleen's chest area (boys are just weird I think!!). I'm sorry Colleen but when it comes down to it he was feeling her up! He kept asking Colleen...what is this, what is under there? Colleen is so sweet and simply kept is just Colleen. Finally Cameron came out and said, I think there is a baby in there. Colleen was in tears laughing as well as another mom that had just dropped off kids. The kids continually make us smile...we are blessed!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The weather outside is frightful!

So a lot has happened since I last blogged. A trip to New York, a new stair climber, and a whole lotta snow!

Last week I went with my college roommate, Betsy to New York for a long weekend. We stayed with her sister Beverly and family and had a chance to see the sites of New York City.

Day 1 - Empire State Building, Macy's, Bryant Park, Shopping, American Girl Store (so fun and I can't wait for Emmy to get old enough to have one!), the Christmas tree at Rockefeller, and the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular at Radio City...what an awesome day!!
Day 2 - Statue of Liberty and time with Beverly and her girls.
Day 3 - Time Square, Toy's R Us, M&M World, Rain, Rain, Snow, Central Park, Mamma Mia (This was amazing!!), Snow and home again.
Day 4 - Home to Matt and the Kids
It was a fantastic trip and we can't wait to plan another get away in the next few years...maybe with our husbands!

Alot happened while I was gone. Emmy can now climb the stairs!! She is pretty quick I might add. It is like she grew up a little more and there is no turning back. Matt had some good times with Kevin, Glen, and Kurt. Carol and Gary stepped in again to help us as they always do. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful family.

Today was our first snow day...I say us when in fact it is really Matt's snow day. We always seems to make it our snow day too. I feel a little bad as I seem to dictate how Matt has to spend it. We were able to get our Christmas tree...did I mention they were closed! I tropsed up the driveway that was not plowed and knocked on their door. We had our tree in 15 minutes and we were home again. It really wan't a day to be out but overall it was fun. Cameron helped me make cookies. His favorite part was peeling the wrappers off the kisses. We also started decorating our tree. Cameron so wants to be helpful and although I have my moments of impatience with them both, I see how proud he gets when he is "helping" :) Emmy got into helping a bit too. Both of them took off running around the house with lights and my beaded garland. Everything was a little tangled but now that the tree is up we are loving the size, smell, and beauty of it all. I think we'll be doing part II tomorrow night with the ornaments. To be continued...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Life Jackets and life in general...

I have always said that my husband is the "techie" of our family but I finally decided to start blogging for my kids and my sake (and anyone else that cares to read about us I guess). There are so many precious things that happen and are said in each day and if I don't capture them in some way I'll regret it.

The best quote of the day came from Cameron "Mommy, are you going to take off your life jacket now?" Mind you I was wearing a black puffer vest and was feeling quite trendy when I walked out the door this morning. He was right though in the does kind of look like a life jacket! I love the way Cameron sees the world right now and wish he could just stay this age forever....except maybe for the whining part of it! :)

Colleen, our daycare provider knows our kids quite well and was right on cue to get them outside and play today. It is amazing the different and happy moods they were in. Must remember that this winter even on the cold days!