Monday, December 13, 2010

Rockstar Dad!

I am so blessed to be married to Matt....amazing husband, best friend, perfect partner for all that life throws our way, and Rockstar Dad!! When work gets busy for me, he is always there to pick up the slack and love and play with the kids. Today was one of those he made it a day of fun. Here are the pictures he sent me throughout the day...

A fort for King Cameron and Queen Emmy
A dry house creates a little static in our house...especially while in the fort with all the this one!Another fun part of daddy being home...Snowman Pancakes!!
Love you Matt!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

On Monday night we decorated our tree as a much fun! Funny how all of the ornaments were at the bottom of the trees!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Just A Taste...

We baked today.

As good as the Gingerbread cookies tasted, they couldn't be matched by the sprinkles!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Community Christmas

Today was fun for a lot of different reasons. Time spent with family and time spent with the kids really says it all.

Today I had the chance to go Christmas shopping with my sister Jessica and we had a blast! (we missed you Lindsay!!). We laughed, had great conversations, and spent quality time that doesn't happen often enough.

On the way home I picked the kids up from Colleen's and we headed to Wanamingo for their Christmas in the Community. We started at SEMA (John Deere dealership) where Santa and Mrs. Claus came riding in on their John Deere tractor. Jess, Joey and Peyton came too and the kids thought is was AWESOME! I'll admit that I have been on the fence about the Santa thing with the kids...I know it sounds humbug like but there is so much more to Christmas than Santa and presents!! Cameron and Emmy were more curious to see who Santa was than anything. It was very fun as they had the John Deere shop all decorated, had cookies, popcorn and juice boxes for the kids, and it was fun to visit with people from all over the surrounding area. Here were some of Cameron's thoughts and questions as he learned we pulled into the SEMA dealership:
  • Santa owns a lot of tractors and combines! (he was a bit confused with it being at the tractor dealership)
  • Santa has a forklift like my buddy Nate!! (there was one in the shop)
  • Does Santa have legs for me to sit on?
  • Who is the lady with that his sister?
Emmy was excited to see them too but not quite as sure when she actually got to sitting on the lap of Mrs. Claus!
Cameron couldn't decide what was better, the sleigh or the John Deere toy catalog that Santa gave him.
After we left SEMA we drove to down town Wanamingo and stop at a few of the local businesses to see some friends, have some treats, and celebrate the Christmas season. I loved this whole event and appreciate how everyone was out and about for the Christmas in Wanamingo celebration....really makes me appreciate the community we live in!

Tonight as we got ready for bed Emmy was serenading us so just had to add a link so you could listen...I made her sing again so I could record it. I never want to forget how precious she and her little voice are!