Wednesday, June 22, 2011


In the midst of my most busy time of year, I have had some drive time to think and reflect. One of the things that I think about frequently is how much growth is constantly occuring around me. Here are just a few things that are growing lately....

- My kids....way to fast

- The grass....espcially because we are never home to mow it

- The weeds in my garden....again, never home to tend to it

- Our pile of grows upon returning from FFA camps

- My never ending to-do list

- My belly....also meaning our family!!!!

By now, many of you have heard our exciting news that we are expecting baby #3 in December. We are thrilled, excited, joyful, a little nervous, and so thankful for this blessing! If you hadn't heard our news click here for the video announcement that Matt put together!

So creative isn't he?!

Here are a few photos to show the growth Cameron and Emmy have had in the last year.

Emerson at Deer Lake in 2010

Emerson at Deer Lake this year

Cameron and Daddy at Deer Lake in 2010

Cameron and Daddy at Deer Lake this year

Thank God for Growth!