Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Break

Yesterday was a great day at home after church. Cameron worked a little bit on being a big boy today as he wore his big boy underwear for about an hour. Little steps forward and hopefully we'll be potty trained in the next month or so!

We also had a chance to get outside for a bit. Cameron loves shoveling snow and Emmy enjoyed riding in the sled. She wasn't able to move very well with her snowsuit on but she kept a smile on her face. Matt also enjoyed some time outside. His favorite thing to do right now is feed all of the wildlife in the valley. We have multiple piles of shelled corn in the yard right now. I admit it is pretty fun to wake up and see various creatures outside our windows. Lots of birds including pheasants, deer, squirrels (Jumpy the Squirrel as Cameron says) and turkeys. He is itching to get out and bow hunt more as the season is nearing its end.

Today we were with the Addington's celebrating Christmas. It was a blast! Having five little ones all two and under make the day very exciting. G'ma Carol and G'pa Gary always make the time very special when we are all together. We had great food, a little sledding, gifts to spoil all of us and mainly time together. Can't wait to do it again!

Tonight we are hoping for a restful night. Cameron and Emmy are living on little sleep which means Matt and I are also living on little sleep! They have not been good to take naps and have been up a bit at night as well. We'll see what tonight brings...:)

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