Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Greats!

Cameron and Emmy are very blessed to have three great-grandparents. These three people are so full of love and are considered some very special people to us. Matt had a wedding today so the kids and I headed for Winona to go see the great-grandmas.

We first stopped at G'ma Rosemary's. She is a woman of strong faith, has a gentle heart, and is as sweet as they come. She always sends us home with some of the best raspberry jam and dill pickles when we come to visit. Cameron always remembers G'ma Rosemary for the following:
  • The G'ma that always has a stash of Cheetos...our favorite!! (See picture below of Emmy)
  • The G'ma that stores G'pa Gary's boat for the winter
  • The G'ma that has trains going by in her back yard
  • The G'ma that has the duck/goose flower planter (this one always cracks me up!)
Next we headed to G'ma Sylvia's. She is a spunky English woman that has a lot of get up and go. She is an amazing gardener and the inside of her house is like an intricate doll house with all sorts of tiny knick knacks. The kids love to go to her house and play with all of the little things she has all over. She is a truly amazing woman with so many stories of growing up in England and coming to America. Cameron knows G'ma Sylvia for the following:
  • The G'ma that always sends him home with candy - he even asked if she was the candy maker today
  • The G'ma that always drinks tea and pretends to have tea parties with him
  • The G'ma that finds the best stuffed animals and sends them home with him
  • The G'ma whose bathroom he locked himself and Emmy in!
We also feel extremely blessed that our kids know their Great-Grandpa Clarence. G'pa Clarence has a big heart for all the little ones that are on my side of the family. Whenever G'ma Deb is babysitting, G'pa Clarence comes over to play and wrestle around this the kids. Cameron knows G'pa Clarence for the following:
  • The G'pa that pulls out his false teeth to show the kids and makes them giggle and scream
  • The G'pa that shares his pickles with him
  • The G'pa that has a fun and squirrly puppy
  • The G'ps that will play with tractors, balls, and read books

We are so thankful that Cameron and Emmy are growing up knowing each of these three. We don't always get to spend a lot of time with them but when we do it is very special. Having these three grandparents in our lives and in our kids lives is GREAT!!

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