Friday, April 2, 2010

This Week...

This week for us looked like the following:

Tuesday - Another crash with the car....another gal and I backed out of our parking spots at the same time!

Wednesday - The kids and I spent the day at my moms with Jess, Lindsay, Peyton and Wyatt coloring Easter eggs and playing outside. It was such a warm and beautiful day and we had a blast all being together!
Thanks to my mom watching the kids, Matt and I also had a chance to go to the Timberwolves game with Mat and Shannon Schaeffer. Matt was asked to speak with the announcer on the radio so we were able to get great seats for free. They actually won that night breaking a 16-game losing streak against the Kings. Check out our tickets...notice the cost of them in the upper left hand corner (You're not seeing it wrong...they were actually $450.00!!). The players were pretty much within reach of was pretty awesome considering it was an NBA game!

Thursday - It was another warm and beautiful day so we were able to play a lot outside and get some yard work done as well. We were all home together that night and had a meal is a big deal as we don't get to sit down together every night as a family!

Friday - Matt had the day off but I had to work so the kids and him had a nice morning playing together. My work schedule is beginning to pick up again as we get closer to the State FFA Convention and summer camps. Good Friday in Kenyon also means Good Friday Basketball. Matt played in the annual tournament with some neighbors and friends. The guys also played some poker afterward....I think I saw 2:30 am on the clock when Matt got into bed!!

It was a great and busy week. This was a special week as it is holy week. Recognizing Jesus death and resurrection is a pretty powerful thing. Even though it seems like we are celebrating a day with bunny's, chicks, and baskets filled with candy, Easter it is about so much more. The excitement and triumph of Jesus resurrection is what fills Easter with it's happiness and joy! Hope you have a Happy Easter! +

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