Sunday, February 28, 2010

"We Are Family"

Call me crazy but whenever we are together with my whole family or Matt's I always find myself having the song "We are family" in my mind. I love that song but even more I love when our whole families are together. Today we got together with Matt's family. We hadn't all been together since Christmas and with all the little ones in the family it was time (especially to see all of their new tricks!)

I feel so blessed to be a part of Matt's family (I love my own family too of course!!). We all get along and have a lot of fun together. One of my favorite parts of Matt's family is Carol's spaghetti. I know it sounds funny but if you tried it, you would know what I mean. She makes it herself and it is the really good kind with meatballs and all! I remember when Matt and I were first married and I tried to make spaghetti...the kind with the Prego jar! This just didn't do it for him and I could never understand until I had Carol's spaghetti for myself. WOW!!! So today was great in part to the wonderful spaghetti meal and a big part because we were all together as a family.

We ate, played, watched Olympic hockey, went sledding, and caught up with the latest happenings in our lives. Here are a few photos of the day (we didn't attempt a group shot today so one pic of each little one in the family)

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