Saturday, February 27, 2010

An Ordinary Happy Day

Today has just been an ordinary day. We didn't do anything spectacular (we were actually home for most of it) but with the sun shining it just felt like a happy day. Matt was off early to do photos with some new babies and the kids and I set out to Northfield for Target and the post office. The kids are always troupers when we are on outings like this. They love to look at all of the items in the store and help put things up on the counter when we are paying. We had an early lunch and then played for a bit before heading outside.

Going outside was the highlight of the day. It was so nice out and with the sunshine felt so warm. We played on the snow mountain and "laid out" in the sun for a bit. I also found a giant icicle...the kids thought it was awesome. Matt got home just in time to join us for a while outside. Everyone had a smile on their face while we were out...ok maybe not the entire time but for a lot of it!

When we came in from being outside we didn't realize how warm it had really been but after we took off Emmy's hat and snowsuit she was drenched from sweating!

We all caught a nap after having some fresh air....we all really needed it! While the kids and I took a LONG nap :) Matt headed for the gym for the alumni tournament. Even though he isn't an alumni of KW he still got to play in one of the games....I think he enjoyed himself.

Today was the kind of day that made you want to grill out. Unfortunately our grill isn't working right now but we still had a great supper all together. Not everyone would agree with me but I think one of the all time best meals is brats and baked beans. Not very gourmet and probably not the most healthy of meals but still a favorite. We've always known that Emmy has like baked beans but tonight she showed us just how much she loves beans!!! She was covered and all we could do was laugh.

The thing that I loved most about today was that even though we didn't do anything spectacular we enjoyed being home together. More and more I am realizing that my babies are growing up quickly and it is the times that we have at home playing together that I will always keep close to my heart as they get older. God has been working in my heart and continues to remind me that joy and happiness is found in many of the ordinary things and events around us....we just have to open our eyes to see and appreciate them!

Golden Nugget of the Day: Emmy has really been getting into her dolls lately. She loves to feed them, push them in her stroller, and hold and hug them. Tonight while I got supper ready, Cameron and Emmy were both playing with the dolls. Cameron was holding Emmy's baby so she could feed was so precious and melted my heart! I absolutely love to see them play together. My hope is that they will continue to be close siblings and friends as they grow.

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