Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Times Flies...

I have been looking back at Cameron and Emmy's baby pictures lately. It is amazing how fast babies grow into toddlers and toddlers into preschoolers. When I picked the kids up from daycare today even Colleen commented on how the baby in Emmy is almost gone and being replaced by what she called "a two-year old mentality". It is really hard to see your children grow out of being babies. I love who they are becoming but I can't help but miss each phase that has passed us. It is truly important to cherish every day with your kids because they go through each stage (good and bad stages) so quickly.

We are enjoying seeing the people that our kids are growing to become. Their little personalities are so fun to get to know. I don't want to miss what they are doing so thought I'd write a little bit about what Cameron and Emmy are doing at this point in their short lives...

Cameron (almost 3)
Personality - He is sweet, loving, emotional (like his mommy), passionate, likes routines, intelligent, has a big imagination (this can be good and bad as he scares himself at times), and loves Jesus!

Likes - Playing with trains, reading books, playing farm, shoveling snow, watching movies (Curious George, Dora and Word World), treats (suckers, candy canes, cookies), looking for things when we are driving in the car, playing hide-n-seek, fixing things, and going to both G'ma Deb's and G'ma Carol's house.

Dislikes - Messes (this includes messy hands!), sleeping by himself, when Emmy gets in his way, walking to and from the car by himself, and the buzzer at the gym

Favorite song - Blessed Be the Name

Favorite colors - Green and Purple

Emmy (17 Months)
Personality - She is happy (when she is not hungry or teething), loving, stubborn, independent, strong, confident (as confident as a 17 month old can be!), laid back, and funny

Likes - Food (most anything), her daddy, following and doing what Cameron does, reading, her dolls, blankets and kitty, hats (you can usually find her wandering around the house in a hat), dressing up, purses, making messes (check out the picture in her room this a glimpse into her teenage years?!!!)

Dislikes - When Cameron gets in her face, when she doesn't get her way...she screams very loudly!

I'm unsure of her favorite color or songs but we are finding her to really love music as she dances to the songs on the radio throughout the day.

It is fun to think about who Cameron and Emmy will be and what they'll be doing in the future. We pray that God will help us guide them as they grow. We are so thankful for the blessing of these two precious little ones in our lives.

Golden Nugget of the Day: We had a family meal and our first night of grilling for 2010!

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