Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

Matt had another snow day today so we snuggled in once again. Our driveway is plowed by our wonderful neighbors and friends the Marings. They do a lot of the neighborhood driveways so they were busy today. They got to our driveway around 1:00pm today...a little too late for Mr. UPS Man! He got stuck delivering a package to our house. Once again, Matt went out to help him get unstuck. Matt is two for two and he was able to help our UPS driver and the Farm Country Coop driver get out without calling a tow truck!

My mom and dad stopped by on their way home from Mankato. We love having them stop by and we had a chili lunch and a great visit. Cameron and Emmy enjoyed reading a few books, playing trains and playing the fishing game...Cameron found grandpa Don to be a great fisherman!

Cameron has been working real hard on potty training the last few days. We've had a few accidents but he is getting very good at telling us when he has to go. I would describe the potty training experience as somewhat complicated, a little messy and very exciting!!! To get one child out of diapers would be huge!! We'll try again tomorrow.

Emmy enjoyed having Matt home today again. She adores her daddy and smiles whenever he is around. She got into a little mischeif when I went for my run at Snap today. Cameron had made Koolaid earlier in the day and left a half a cup of it on the table. Emmy believes she is bigger and taller than she really is and reaches for everything on the table these days. Today it was the koolaid. Her bright white onesie turned into a bright pink onesie. When I got home she kept pointing at the stains smiling...she was so proud!

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