Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Potty Training 101

Is there a class for potty training? Matt and I may need to enroll!! We are on day three of attempting big boy underwear for Cameron. Did I mention it is complicated, messy and fun too! I think I may have said the same thing yesterday! Cameron truly desires to wear big boy underwear and always says mom I have to go potty, however, it is usually after he has already gone. I think we went through five pairs today. Matt and I keep thinking maybe he is not ready, maybe we are not ready...but I don't want to squash the excitement and his willingness to try. So in the mean time, I am catching some great pictures....he does not like to wear pants when he is wearing his big boy underwear. I'm not sure if it is because he wants to show off the great pictures and designs he is wearing or because it is much more quick for all of us if he does not wear them!

Emmy has actually been trying out the potty chair too. She may be a little young yet but she is always willing to try before her bath at night. We have been pretty successful with her and I think we'll slowly keep working on it. She may even beat Cameron at being trained! I've always heard that girls were easier to train...this may be a true statement! I caught a few pictures of her in her Valentine's outfit today. After taking a boat load of pictures, I realized that her shirt was on backwards...good thing it says something on both sides of it!

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