Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Day!

One of the best things about living in Minnesota has to be snow days! I absolutely love being stuck at home. Today Matt had about two hours of school and then they called off the rest of the day. The snow has been coming down in buckets since yesterday afternoon and sounds like it will continue through tomorrow. Hopefully that means another snow day for Matt! Even though I don't teach I try to take part in the snow days with Matt. This usually means fun family time!
We bundled the kids up and went outside to take a ride on the ranger. The snow is coming down so hard that it really hurt the kiddos faces and they were both in tears. So we had a quick ride, took a few pictures and came back inside. I think we were out for about 12 minutes total!!
Shortly after coming inside, Farm Country Coop came to fill up our fuel tank for our furnace. Unfortunately our driveway is not plowed so he got stuck. Matt is now outside with the driver trying to get him unstuck...we'll see how this goes!

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