Sunday, January 31, 2010

A quick look on the weekend

Friday - A great day for work. Spent the day with the officers at Cargill and gained insight for a lot of future brainstorming sessions about Minnesota FFA and my role within it. The kids spent the day with G'ma Deb...went well! That night, Matt had a game in Goodhue - they lost :(:( and the kids and I had pizza with G'ma Deb, G'pa Don and Wyatt. Cameron must have been very overtired because at the point we decided to give the kids a bath, he went into major meltdown mode. It was a moment to call out to God for help because it was all I could do. Needless to say he had a few consequences for Saturday (no TV!) These moments with kids, no one can or does prepare you for. I had to keep telling myself "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" my Bible verse this week says - I was clinging to God!! It was that bad of a meltdown!

Saturday - Matt headed for Sioux Falls for the final weekend of deer hunting in South Dakota and the kids and I spent the day at home. Keep in mind, TV was off limits for the day, so we played a lot, read books, did some art projects and a little house work. Everyone had a great nap and we found that we don't need TV to have fun or fill our day. I realized that I rely a lot on our TV to watch our kids. I also realized that I need to do some thinking on my days of working at home...we tend to watch a lot of TV on those days...too much! Cameron was a good boy all day and even was able to earn some treats! Cameron and Emmy both slept through the night also...could also be a part of not watching so much TV - I guess we'll find out!

Sunday - The kids and I went to church and then went to McDonald's for lunch. Matt got home and we were all able to get a nap in again :)...have I mentioned how much we love naps!

A few things I learned this weekend...
1. I am thankful for Matt - kids are meant to have two parents and I miss him when he is away.
2. Being a parents is one of the hardest and most rewarding things I have ever done.
3. I can't do anything on my own...only through Christ who strengthens me!
4. Too much TV is not good for anyone...especially kids.
5. Two-year-olds are not too young to understand when they have done something wrong...discipline accordingly (with love of course)!

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