Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Imaginary Friends

I never had an imaginary friend growing up. I remember watching shows about kids who did but I guess my imagination never stretched that far. Cameron on the other hand has a big imagination we are finding! He talks all the time about pink monsters in his room, the giant in the woods and now his new friend Ally (I'm not even sure this is how she would spell her name!!). The first basketball game of the season is when this all began. He came home from the game that night and talked on and on about Ally. For a while we thought she was a real person and we kept waiting to meet her at one of the games but she never showed up! In the last few weeks we've realized that she is not a real person but is his imaginary friend. We figure he got the name Ally from his favorite show Curious George. There is a cute and fun little girl named Ally on the show.

Anyway, yesterday morning Cameron woke up and exclaimed "it's Ally's birthday today!!" So I thought to myself I can either squash his excitement and put an end to this or I could throw a birthday party for this new friend. We went the fun route and had a full blown birthday party with cupcakes, candles, singing Happy Birthday, and birthday hats that we made. We talked about Ally all day. At one point Cameron was even convinced that Ally's mom was coming to the party! When Matt came home from practice, Cameron asked him if he brought a birthday present for Ally. It was a fun day and a good excuse to make cupcakes :). I'm not sure where the imaginary friend situation will head next but we'll just have to wait and see what Cameron comes up with. Here are a couple of pictures from our birthday party!

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