Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mommy's Little Helpers/Great Conversations!

Cameron has really become a wonderful helper to me. For instance, today (two times) I began changing Emmy's diaper without having all the needed supplies. I yell for Cameron and he is at my side asking what I need. He gets me the diaper bag both times when asked. I love these moments. They don't happen all the time but more and more he is beginning to listen when asked to do something or help with something. I don't want to sound like a task master but it is even simple things such as "Cameron, please come and help pick up your toys"....this is his least favorite task to help with but as we've begun to make it a habbit it is actually getting easier. Emmy too loves to help and is understanding more and more what we are saying to we need an interpreter to understand her I think!

Cameron has also begun to discover many new things. Today, he asked me if I had bones! He was very curious but also somewhat concerned as he was under the impression that bones were a bad thing to have. We had a teachable moment and he discovered that his body has many bones...and it is a good thing...especially the bone that is holding his brain...he calls it his "scullture" :) I love it when he makes up words!

Another conversation that Cameron and I have been having lately is about marriage. He'll ask "mommy, are you married" I say yes and he is instantly in tear saying "I don't want you to be married!!" I alway reply that I am married to daddy and this is a good thing. I don't know that it totally eases his mind but he also say that does not want to be married either. Such innocence and wonder...these times with our little ones are the most precious times. God has truly blessed us!!

Today at church we had a guest speaker who spoke on Psalm 68....the first three words being "Let God Arise". This spoke volumes to me and it makes so much sense in a number of ways. If we let God Arise rather than trying to do it ourselves or hold him back from doing what he needs to we will be so much better off. My prayer is that I can remeber these three words this week and in time after. Amen!

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