Monday, January 11, 2010

Don't lick the train table...

Boys are weird!!! I suppose you could say that girls are weird too but right now I am particularly thinking of my little boy. Matt built Cameron a train table for Christmas this year and it must be flavored wood because Cameron cannot stop licking it! It is disgusting if you ask me but every day we have been having the same conversation, "Cameron, why are you licking the train table" Cameron's reply "because I am" Mommy - "please don't lick the train table" Cameron - "but I like to" I said earlier, weird!! The picture here shows the wet spot that he has been licking the table...can you believe he would lick this much of it!

Emmy is really getting into books and multiple times during the day will bring a book over to you and reach up to sit on your lap. I am also finding her to be quite the daddy's little girl. Here is a picture of her and daddy reading her favorite book. We are working with her to say Elmo although it usually comes out as "Elgco" :)

The last few nights we have been playing Hide and Go Seek in an effort to wear us all out and help the kiddos sleep better through the night. Cameron never wants to hide he prefers to count. Matt and I take turns hiding and then counting with Cameron. Once he finds us, we run all over the house screaming..."she/he is going to get me" and "don't run over Emmy!" It is a blast and I think it will be a nightly ritual through the winter months :)

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