Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Colorful Day!

I could relate very well with the Proverbs 31 devotion today. It talks about the colors of our emotions and I was feeling quite colorful today. I am in the process of getting into a routine with working out early in the morning. Because my body is not quite accustomed yet, I am finding that I am tired and therefore lacking a chipper mood by the end of the day (if you know what I mean!). So because I was tired, my heart and mind got into an emotional roller coaster. I was a little blue knowing that Matt would be gone tonight with work. I always look forward to him coming home and always appreciate the fact that I am not a single parent...thank you God for my helper! I was tickled pink when my kids wanted to play and build forts is not much of a fort really but the kids get such a kick out of it and it is pure fun for the day. "Fort Addington"...see the pictures!

Unfortunately my pinks turned to shades of red as I grew frustrated and even a little angry as the kids were overtired, would not take naps, and started wrestling and hitting each other. I was grateful for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Baby Einstein by the end of the day!!
Fortunately God is always working and when I reached my limit suddenly Matt was home for a bit and there was a little peace again. I guess God knew I needed a bright color at that moment!

Besides having a colorful day myself the kids also had colorful days. Cameron had a blast painting pictures and learning how to make paper chains (we are working on decorating for Valentines Day...and maybe St. Patricks day since he likes to use green all the time!!) Emmy was a little colorful as well as she found an ink pen and drew all over herself.

Cameron's saying of the day was "mom, you hurt my feelings". This was in reference to me changing his diaper. He told me that it hurts his feelings when I change his dirty diapers. I always have a little laugh when he says this. I think he is a little mixed up with the meaning of hurt feelings!

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