Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Catch Up

I'm behind on this and I know it! So where do I begin? I've missed some moments on the blog that I'll have to rely on my memory for but I'm not giving up!!

I'm 25 weeks along in pregancy this week. It at times doesn't seem like I am very far in the pregnancy process but I know the time will fly. Such a blessing to have this little mover and shaker in me! We don't know what we are having but the kids are convinced it is a boy and have named him "Shooter". Not sure where this came from but they are very content to speak of Shooter as a part of our family. We are still working on easing the kids into the potential that this child could be a girl and that if it is a boy, his name may not be Shooter. I love that they are excited though and can't wait to meet this little one.

Cameron had his first day of pre-school a week ago during the state fair. He loves school and loves his teacher. He is very excited that this year he gets to have a full day at school on Fridays that includes hot lunch. I laughed when I looked at his lunch menu and saw that his first "hot lunch" is a cold sub sandwhich!! He probably won't care and will love every minute of it! He has grown up so much this summer and seems to be such a big boy. He loves pirates, adventures, using his imagination, and going to the food plot with his dad. He is a big smiler and has a soft and caring heart. Here is a picture of his first day:

Emmy is almost three and absolutely loves her big brother. Something happened over the summer between Cameron and Emmy....they became friends! It has been so fun to see how they play together and take care of each other. I won't deny that they can have a good fight once in a while but overall they really love and care for each other. She is into princesses, purple and pink, loves her dolls, is not afraid of getting dirty, is tough and feisty (we say it is the red in her hair!), and is an absolute joy. Here is a photo Matt snapped of her this summer.

Matt's exciting news is that he has found a place for Matt Addington photography to be housed! We have loved having it out of our home but it will be great to have a place for him to meet with clients, display his work and do more photos in the winter months. The studio is located on the main street of Cannon Falls and has the character Matt has been looking for. Click here to hear more about the studio and see photos.

The summer really flew by but was full of fun and blessings for our family. We are welcoming the cooler temperatures and anticipating the fall months which are some of our favorite of the year. Matt is gearing up for the hunting season, the kids are excited for the apples on the trees and some nights of camp fires and making s'mores, and I love the slower pace that the fall brings. God has continued to bless us in so many ways and we are thankful for health and happiness of each day!

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