Sunday, October 10, 2010

Emmy's 2nd Birthday Party

We were blessed to celebrate Emmy's 2nd birthday today with our family. Hard to believe she is two but life is more precious and fun every day at this age. All week when asked how old she was, Emmy would announce "I'm three!" I'm glad she isn't three yet as the next year is sure to be full of fun and adventure!

I remember when I was young being very in love with Care Bears, Barbies and My Little Ponies. Emmy's favorite things right now are drawing/coloring and Dora The Explorer! She loves to watch Dora, wear Dora and gets excited with anything that has Dora on it. Therefore, we had a sort of Dora theme going for the day. At least her cake was Dora but many of the wonderful gifts to her were also Dora types of goodies!

It was a beautiful day so the kids got to play outside a lot and had Georgia out of her cage to run around. It was so fun to have everyone here and at times maybe a little crazy as we had seven kiddos all three and under running around! Check out some of the pictures from the day...

Thank you all for the gifts now on to the cake!!

Matt and I partnered up to make the Dora cake!
Emmy dug in like a was like her 1st b-day all overWe all had blue lips from the bright blue frosting - little miss Harper was especially sweet with her blue lips
We also had fun playing with cousins (Wyatt, Harper, Brynn, Molly, and Peyton) and our bunny Georgia

Many more birthdays Emmy!!

More from tonight....a few of Emmy's favorite things right now!

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