Monday, August 30, 2010

Days To Remember

Life is passing quickly these days...I'm sure many people would agree with me on this. I find myself feeling very reflective tonight...the night before Cameron's first day of Pre-School!! Cameron will be attending St. Paul Lutheran Pre-School in Cannon Falls one half day a week. It is not much but also almost too much! Matt and I believe he is ready to try a little something new this year and St. Paul offers a great program with a lot of choices. We can start with one half day and add more time if it is going well and we feel he is ready for it. It was a big choice as he is only three and I still want him home with me as much as possible. This is going to be great for him as he will be with other children that we go to church with and not only will he be learning the basics but also more about Jesus...this we love! It will also be a fun chance for me to have a few hours of time with just Emmy.

The last few days have been days to remember because of this new stage of life and because we have had some fun things going on around the house. Yesterday, we became the proud owners of a bunny. An eight-week old black and white Harlequin female to be exact. Cameron wanted to name "her" George. Matt went on to say that this might not be the right name for a girl bunny and therefore she became Georgia!! Thanks to some very dear friends of ours - the Schwanke's - we are so happy to have this new pet in our life. She lives in what I would call a bunny cabin outside our front porch and in the two days she has been with us, she has received much love and attention!!

Today was a day off from the fair for me and guess where I spent my day?!....that's right, at the fair! My sister Jess and I decided to be crazy and join the other thousands as fairgoers with the kiddos. We planned to go early and leave early and we stuck to our plan fairly well. We had a ton of fun but found it to be a little warm today! Our adventures included checking out the Miracle of Birth Center before it opened to the public, walking through the barns, going on the giant slide, checking out the John Deere Tractors, riding on the ferris wheel, eating some great food, looking at the amazing crop art, admiring the butter heads while we ate our malts and ending back at the MOBC. It was a great day and we are all exhausted!

Emmy has taken a liking to tractors and rangers like this one
Fun on the Ferris Wheel!
My newphew Peyton clung to his mommy for dear life and screamed his head off!!

Emmy was too short for this ride so Cameron met a new friend
More to come tomorrow on the first day of school....

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