Saturday, July 10, 2010

Do Belly Buttons Have Germs?

This is the question Cameron has been asking A LOT lately!! About a week ago, Matt found Cameron with his shirt up looking at his belly button. He kept playing with it and it was beginning to get a little red and irritated. At that point Matt told Cameron to quite touching his belly button so much because he might get germs on his hands. I realize he was trying to prevent Cameron from pulling his belly button out but it began a series of questions and downright concerns for Cameron. The rest of this week he has been extremely concerned that if he touches his belly button, he will get germs on his hands. His questions have included:
  • Do belly buttons have germs?
  • Are there bad germs in my belly button?
  • How many germs are in my belly button?
At first we laughed about these questions but after a while we began to realize his genuine concern and almost fear of these so-called belly button germs!! On Monday night my family met at the farm for supper and Cameron continued to worry about the germs. My sister Jess, the nurse, finally went and got the hand sanitizer and squirted a little dab in his belly button kill the germs and to ease his worries. It worked....for a bit...then he was worried again!

Sometimes we as parents tell our kids things (sometimes even lie to them at times) to try and avoid their questions and get them thinking about something different. Examples may include:
  • If you eat to much candy, your teeth will fall out (they really could though!!
  • Don't stand on the chair or you will fall and break your neck
  • Don't eat the dirt and sand, you will get a bad tummy ache
  • Pick up your toys before you go to bed or the mice will come and take them away while you sleep (this sounds awful to say I realize but it really works at our house!)
Sometimes we've said some of these things to avoid our kids doing something they shouldn't but there have been times that it really backfires on us, especially with Cameron. He tends to dwell on topics...maybe this is all three-year olds! Here are a few things I've learned this week:
  1. Be cautious on what you are saying to your kids, you may cause them more worry than it is worth!
  2. Cameron is going to be our worrier, this is a trait that has been passed down in my family and something we need to pray about.
  3. Even though belly buttons probably have some germs, don't even mention this to your three-year old!!

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  1. This is a classic, Leah! It will be so fun to look back and read these posts when the kids are older. Hope this fear passes as quickly as it came!