Friday, June 11, 2010

This Week...

This week was the start of what will be a very busy month and a half. I had a great couple of days on Monday and Tuesday with the State Officers and it excites me for the work we will do in the coming weeks at our camps and conferences.

When I came home on Tuesday Matt was not feeling very well. He had a sore on his lower abdomen that was really beginning to hurt and by Wednesday the pain was almost unbearable. It was bad enough that he decided he needed to go to the doctor - he hasn't been to the doctor in the last 7 1/2 years we've been married so I knew it was bad!! He found out he has an infection and was able to get some antibiotics but has since continued to feel awful. He has had a fever over the last few days and had a number of flu-like symptoms.

Tuesday night G'ma Carol came to visit and play for a bit before she and G'pa Gary head to Deer Lake for the next few weeks. Cameron helped G'ma make pancakes, his favorite!!

Wednesday night we were blessed to have our good friends the Bakke's down to visit. Their twins Kate and Annika are now four years old but when they were just four months old I had the chance to babysit them for the school year. It is so fun to see them now and the sweet little people they've grown to be.

One Thursday afternoon, I picked the kids up from daycare and Emmy was running a fever. By the time we got her to the clinic she had over a 103 temperature and her heart was racing at 160 beats per minute. She was a little trouper and sat very well while the doctor checked her over. It was determined that she has an ear infection. Between her and Matt we were hoping for a two for one deal on our antibiotics this week!!

Today the kids got to spend some time at the farm with G'ma Deb and G'pa Don. Wyatt was there too so fun was had by all. They just got 50 baby chicks at the farm so it was a highlight to see them and hold them. Cameron got pooped on by one of the chicks so he wasn't too sure of them after that but he has still been talking about them this afternoon.

Another highlight of today was that Emmy got her first haircut! She sat very still and gave only one or two shy smiles (non of which I was able to catch :) There wasn't much to cut but were were able to get the hair out of her eyes at least.

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