Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rainy Season

The beginning of June rained a lot so we spent a lot of time indoors playing games, coloring, painting, and watching movies. One Cameron and my favorite games to play is Candy Land. Have you ever played a board game with a three-year old? I had not prior to playing with Cameron and I now know that I need to throw the directions and rules out the window at this age. I found myself getting a little frustrated and even competitive (against my 3-year old mind you!) when Cameron wanted to play the game "his way". At one point I even closed up the board and had to put it away for a while...he kept wanting to go write to the licorice forest, wanted to choose the color square he moved to, and never goes in order for his turn. That being said...I am calming to the fact that it is OK to not follow the rules at his age and just playing is what it is about!! I have now started to enjoy Cameron's rule and I go right to the spots I want to got to as well!

In between showers we played outsi de a bit. On the rainy days, Cameron had a hard time getting dressed so he wore his jammies all day!!

Because of all the rain, the lawn has been growing quickly. For a while we thought we would need the hay baler to get it mowed! Cameron and Emmy were great helpers at mowing the lawn and raking the many grass piles.

I realize this is breaking all safety rules...
Cameron working very hard at raking the grass into piles around the yard...


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  1. Your story about Cameron's "rule" for candy land cracked me up! What a hoot! Blogs are so fun for this can always look back and remember these crazy, but fun times!!