Saturday, May 8, 2010

What we've been up to

I haven't blogged in a long time about the kids so here is an update to catch up on the last month....

The week of Cameron's birthday we had check ups for both of the kids. We found out that Cameron weighs 28.5 lbs and Emmy weighs 25.5 lbs. She is catching up quickly!!!! I love having their checkups (minus the shots of course) as it is good to get questions answered and it is sort of a milestone in my mind. We have a great doctor that is so good with the kids and he even lets Cameron use his stethoscope to listen to our hearts.

Emmy is working on a number of different words and she even is working on the alphabet. She has the song down very well but the letters don't quite come out as clear. She is at a very curious age and we are finding her to be quite independent. She also loves to dress up!! She recently discovered that she can unzip her own jammies. I caught a picture of her today in her unzipped jammies and her mud is a great look and makes me laugh every time!!!

Cameron has grown a little taller and can now reach the peddles on his hotwheels and bike. He loves to go down the sidewalk hill on his bike without stopping and because the sidewalk ends between two narrow fence poles getting a helmet was a great idea! G'pa Gary took Cameron to Target one night and they found the perfect Spiderman was in the big kids section as he has a bit of a large head for someone his age!! :) Emmy decided that because Cameron got a new helmet, she would have his old one!

During the time I was pregnant with Emmy, a number of people told me that because our kids would be close in age, they would be great friends and playmates. Although Cameron and Emmy are good at getting on each others nerves, I am finding some very precious moments when they play so good together and just love each other. These moments are so fun and very special to watch!


  1. I'm glad someone else has discovered the pj unzip move, because it is truly an art form! I too laugh everytime I round the corner and there she is flashing the world!! =) Won't be so funny in a few years.

    Love the picture of them hugging!!!

  2. Hey Leah! Found your blog thru Amy's! Love it. Hope to see you soon.