Monday, May 3, 2010


She is clothed with
strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. Proverbs 31:25

I had no idea that God clothed me with the kind of strength I displayed today! Check out the photo below...

This is the hole that I put in our shower today as I was shaving my legs (Please don't pay too close attention to the lack of white in the grout between the tiles!!). I put my hand on the wall to gain my balance and ended up going through the wall. I was stunned to say the least! The verse above came to mind this evening as I reflected on the day and thought about my untimely strength.

I have to admit that I have been very unsettled, frustrated, and impatient with our house lately. It is old and has many issues that really need to be taken care of (like the bathroom and shower walls!) and because we don't own the home it makes it tough to be able to get projects done immediately when they need to be. I do believe that God is trying to teach me some things through these frustrating times....patience, contentment, and how to "laugh at the days to come" as the verse says above. If you asked Matt, he would tell you that I have a hard time laughing at things like this so it is on my prayer list.

I believe that God has brought us here and he will bring us to the next phase in his perfect timing. Along the way, he has given us many blessings to be thankful for...healthy and happy kids, a beautiful setting in Sogn Valley, Matt's success in photography, great friends and neighbors, a church home we love, etc...the blessings far outweigh the frustrations!

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  1. Leah-
    I share in your frustration over our current housing situation. I too have faith that God will bring us to where He wants us to be in His own time... until then I pray for the strenth to endure!

    WOW - I'm sure that hole took some explaining... :)

    Have a great day! mamie