Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Conversations with Cameron

I am always amazed to hear Cameron talk. Kids are all so different. Some roll over early, some sit up early, some crawl or even walk early and some talk early. I think Cameron ended up with the talking early part because it seems like he has always been able to hold a conversation (I'm just kidding of course!) Lately we've been able to have some really deep, fun, and very sweet conversations. Here are just a few:

Cameron was having a bad day yesterday and was having a few tantrums (to say the least) at G'ma Debs. He was angry enough that he broke a toy. Here is how our conversation went in the car on the way home.

Mommy: Cameron, why did you get so angry and break G'ma Deb's toy?
Cameron: Because I was hungry.
Mommy: You need to learn that you cannot break things when you get angry. It makes Jesus very sad when you get so angry.
Cameron: OK. (he thinks for a bit) Is Jesus sad when I play baseball? Does Jesus like baseball?
Mommy: Yes, Jesus loves baseball and it makes him happy when you play baseball.
Cameron: Do you think Sogn and Jesus are playing baseball together?
Mommy: (tears in my eyes!!!!) Yes, I think Jesus and Sogn are playing together.
Cameron: Do you think heaven is in outer space?
Mommy: I'm not sure!

We talk a lot about Jesus with Cameron and Emmy and pray that their faith will continue to grow as they grow!

Cameron and Emmy have a bit of a sibling rivalry going lately. At times during the day they are playing so nicely together and at other times they are screaming and mad at each other. Today was one of those days. We played outside most of the day and at one point they were so mad at each other that they were screaming and Cameron threw his baseball right at Emmy's head (thankfully he missed!). I quickly picked him up and this is how our conversation went:

Mommy: Cameron, we DO NOT throw things at people, especially baseballs...you could have hurt Emmy.
Cameron: Emmy was trying to take my car!
Mommy: We need to share! Emmy is your sister and your friend. Jesus gave Emmy to you as a gift to be your friend. You don't want to hurt her.
Cameron: (crying) Emmy is not from Jesus!
Mommy: Yes she is and so were you. You were a present to mommy and daddy from Jesus.
Cameron: (crying even harder!) I did not come from Jesus, I came from a factory!!

Here is one more conversation with Cameron while Matt and Cameron were at the Twins game. Cameron was intently watching his friend Kevin Slowey pitching. Here's how it went:

Cameron: Where did Kevin go when he left the circle? (aka the pitching mound)
Daddy: He went to the dugout to rest.
Cameron: (thinking for a minute) What is he doing in the dugout?
Daddy: Well he went in there to rest.
Cameron: Did he lay down? Did he close his eyes?

Since going to the Twins game, whenever we play baseball at home he will hit a ball, run the bases and then pretend to go into the dugout...he always lays down when he does this!! It cracks us up every time but he really believes that is what the players are suppose to do in the dugout!

Anyway, just posting this blog so we don't forget these fun conversations. My memory is not always very reliable!! Emmy is continuing to learn new words every day and soon we'll be having these fun conversations with her as well!

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