Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Tidbits

We had a great weekend starting on Friday night with a big win against Triton. It was a great game being Senior night and our last home game of the regular season. The KW boys played their heads off in the second half to come back and beat Triton. The crowd was great and really into the game too.

Our good friends and a former assistant coach from Albert Lea came with their kids to watch the game and have a sleepover. Max, Lori, Taya, Reese and their dog Sunny came and we had so much fun playing and catching up. It brought back a lot of fond memories or our time in Albert Lea. I think Matt and I would agree that our time in Albert Lea was very special and some of our best and closest life-long friends are there. Taya and Reese are very sweet kids and Cameron and Emmy loved playing together with them. Before either of us had kids we had our dogs and Sogn and Sunny were good friends in their days together as well. In the morning everyone headed out for some fun in the snow. We again climed the mountain and also took a few drives on the Ranger. Below are a few pictures of Taya and Reese and Max with the kid crew on the Ranger. Emmy was able to catch a nap while the other kids went outside.

Today we headed to church and had a chance to take a nap this afternoon. Naps are a beautiful thing :) and all four of us had one today! Our other big news for the day is that we went to check out St. Paul's Lutheran school this afternoon and signed Cameron up for pre-school next fall! YIKES!!! By no means are we ready to send him off for pre-school every day. I love my time home with the kids and want to keep them home as long as possible. We are going to try one half day a week. Just a half day to play with other kids, learn more about Jesus, and gain more skills. We had a chance to meet the principal, Mrs. Palla (this will be Cameron's teacher) and a few of the other families that may be attending. Cameron and Emmy were both excited to play with all of the fun toys and books in the classroom. Something to look forward to for next fall!

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