Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

I'm a day late but Happy Valentine's Day! I meant to blog last night but was too tired and lazy! Had a great weekend with the "True Love" womens retreat on Saturday with my gals from True North Church, dinner with Matt on Saturday night (awesome!) and church and time with family on Sunday.

Saturday was such a great day. Carol and Gary had the kids for a lot of the day (thank you soooo much!) so that I could attend our church's womens retreat and Matt could ref a few games for the youth tournament. The "True Love" retreat was held at Three Crosses Retreat Center in Cannon Falls. It was a beautiful drive out there in the morning with the fog and frosted trees. The day was full of fun, great talks, singing praise, crafts and great food. God is really working in my heart lately and it was right where I needed to be that day.

That night Matt and I got to have some alone time and ate at Chianti Grille in Roseville. I would highly recommend it. It was so fun to have time to eat and talk without distractions. We love our kids but we also recognize that time is needed for just us. They had a blast with G'ma Carol and G'pa Gary playing and making cupcakes.

On Sunday, we went to church and then headed to mom and dad's. We decided a month ago to start setting a date each month to get together with all of. Even though we live close, we don't get together enough. The kids grow so fast so we really need to get together more often. Check out the pictures from the last few days.

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