Saturday, March 5, 2011

Winter Fun

The weather has been a little warmer meaning we've been getting outside to play a little more. What a winter!! The temperature was just right the other day to melt the snow into the perfect snowman making form!! The kids loved rolling the snowballs and putting his "accessories" on! I didn't have coal for the eyes and mouth so our snowman is a bit of a redneck with his bottle cap features!


Harold the Snowman!

The kids came up with this name! I always love what they come up with when you ask them their opinion.

Last night some friends of ours invited us to come over and skate on their self-made skating rink behind their house. Each year, they flood their back patio area with water and it is an instant ice-rink!! They've done it for a few years and have collected skates of all sizes. The kids LOVED it!! Cameron had some great quotes as he stepped onto the ice..."this ice sure is slippery!" and "skating isn't as easy as it looks!" Our friends have little chairs that the kids could use to hold onto and keep their balance as they were on this ice...perfect for Emmy.
Here are a few pictures from the fun we had.
This one made Matt a little worried...future hockey player??!!

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