Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Floss, Brush, Check!

For the past few weeks, Cameron's class has focused on teeth! Brushing teeth, flossing teeth, and taking care of teeth! It has been very fun because it means that Cameron has been very conscious of taking care of his teeth without my constant reminding. He has also become avid at flossing. Just last night he was just about to sleep and he darted up in bed in a panic because if forgot to use the new flosser that Mrs. Palla had given him at school.

So, today we headed to his first dentist appointment. Lindsay and I actually called together and scheduled both Cameron and Wyatt together to make it a sort of adventure. Unfortunately, sickness has been making it through their house and they didn't make it to their appointment.

Cameron was very excited and asked all day long when we'd be going to the dentist. When we arrived I was very surprised that they came up and took Cameron back without me. I felt a little twinged of "where are you taking my baby....ALONE...without his mom!!" The entire time he was back with the dentist I could hear him talking! When he came out he was ecstatic about what had just happened to him. The comment from the dentist was that he was a very good helper, that he was very social, and best of all no cavities!

Cameron then took me back to see his chair and all of the tools he helped the dentist use. I even got sprayed with water as he showed me the tools. I loved that they let me touch and try out each of the tools they were using as it really got him excited. He was sent home with a bag full of "prizes" too...toothbrush, toothpaste, stickers and floss!

Here was a picture I seems that it is much cooler to go to the dentist now then when I was a kid!


  1. Sounds like a great dentist! Where did you go?

  2. Actually we just went to Main Street Dentist in Pine Island! Very nice and close to home too!