Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cameron's Adventures

Today was Cameron's first field trip with his pre-school class. They went to the nursing home! They went there to sing songs and visit with the older people. He even got to sing a solo for the people...his favorite "We're Gonna Win Twins!" We asked him about his day and about his field trip. He noted that the people seemed sad and that their legs don't work so they needed wheel chairs.

I love his age and the things that he is curious about. He has had a lot of questions lately about God, heaven and life in general. A few of our favorite conversations/questions have included:

- Does God have bones?
- Does heaven have bathrooms?
- How could God get a cow up to heaven? (We had one of our neighbors cows die over the weekend)
- Do Sogn and God play together?

It makes me smile big when we can have these conversations and although we don't always know how to answer, it is so fun to talk and pray with him.

Today was such a great day to play outside and Cameron was in his glory pretending to be "Super Cameron"...

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  1. ok..you made me cry with the question "do sogn and god play together?" i would love to see into cams head...what great questions he asks!