Monday, August 16, 2010

The Garden Party

I've posted a few other times about having a garden and finally today I was able to get back to it after about a week and a half of not even getting near the garden! At about 4:30pm I announced to the kids, "lets go out to the garden!". You could of swore that I said we were going to town or to a party because Emmy perked right up and found her boots (good choice) but then also scurried to get her purse and her sunglasses. She is a hoot! Going to the garden soon became a family affair and all four of us decided to wander out and see what we could find amongst the weeds! I will warn you that the so-called garden in the pictures is hard to find as it is covered in a lot of grass and weeds. We were able to find a number of tomatoes and cucumbers so I am happy and satisfied. Cameron was a bit sad as his carrots were choked out by all of the weeds. We did find a little one for him to eat however! I know it doesn't make much sense for me to have a garden as much as I am gone in the summer but I can't help makes me feel a little closer to my agricultural roots and a little bit domestic!! Here are more pictures of our garden party!!

The workers prepare for the harvest
The workers follow their leader to the field
Cameron is ready to fill his bucket (please excuse our pantless pal...just seems to work better for getting to the potty in time!)Cameron was so excited to find one carrot to eat!
At least I'm not the only one who enjoys tomatoes!
A happy harvest!

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