Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Few Days in the Valley

Our family met back at home on Friday night and it was heavenly to spend a few days in the valley. We came home to some very tall grass, many weeds in the garden and our absolute favorite....BLACKBERRIES!!! Cameron has been waiting for them since last summer. We are blessed to have them growing wild all along our driveway and in the woodsWe got up early on Saturday morning, still wearing jammies with bowls in our hands and picked for a good hour. Cameron and Emmy each had their own bowl and by the time we were done picking, their bowls were empty and their faces and fingers were covered with the pink stains from the berries.

Emmy and Cameron were so excited to pick berries they were running down the driveway to get them!
Matt had a wedding so the kids and I were able to hang out at home and headed to a local dairy farm to celebrate June Dairy Month. They had a a free lunch for all attendees and ice cream too. G'ma Deb, G'pa Don and Aunt Lindsay were all there helping serve the lunch. We headed home afterward and were able to tackle a number of projects and some yardwork.

It was so fun to just be home for a few days and enjoy the simple pleasures of sleeping in our own beds, eating supper together on Friday night as a family, mowing and raking the lawn, pulling weeds and going to church together today.

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