Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Perfect Day!

It was a perfect day in many ways....
  1. The weather was AWESOME and the kids and I were able to be outside for most of it.
  2. I was able to run and read a bit before the kids woke up and they woke up very happy!
  3. We got to see Matt mid day at school.
  4. We went to pick up our veggies for planting and I realized I had a gift certificate :)
  5. We had a sunny, warm, and calm day for planting our garden
  6. Had supper outside on the back porch and listened to some of our favorite tunes
  7. Matt got the lawn mowed
  8. We went to the Dairy Queen for a blizzard and saw the full moon rising!
I can't thank God enough for such a wonderful day to be with the kids and Matt and get some things accomplished around the house. Maybe it sounds like I am bragging and I'm sorry if it makes anyone annoyed but it really just was a blessed day and for many reasons a day that I don't want to forget.

One of the things I have really enjoyed about our home is the garden and ability to have a place to plant veggies. Last summer was our first garden since living in Albert Lea and although it didn't look very good at the end (I was not very good at keeping the weeds out!) it was so fun and nice to be able to run out and get fresh veggies. It has also been fun because the kids love being a part of the planting. Here are a few pictures of my little helpers...
The sun was pretty intense and I did a good job of putting sunscreen on the kids but maybe not such a good job on myself. I thought I covered most areas of my body that were exposed to the sun but tonight am finding a few spots that were left without. I even found an area where Cameron touched my leg with the sunscreen from his hand...if you look closely in the next picture you can see his hand print on my burnt leg!
After all our hard work we had a great supper sitting outside on the porch. The back porch is a favorite spot for our family as the view into the valley is beautiful. Meals together as a family are the best. As the kids get older they are more and more enjoyable!

To top off our evening we decided to take a trip to the Dairy Queen for blizzards. We gave the kids baths, put their jammies on and headed out the door. If I could have a blizzard every night, I think I would. My new favorite is Oreo Cookie Jar...I would highly recommend it!

It sounds like it will be a great Memorial Day weekend with beautiful weather. Matt and I have a date night tomorrow night so should be a great kick off for the weekend.

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