Monday, April 5, 2010

Emmy is 18 Months!

Little Girls
Author: Karen Barnes
Little girls are made of daisies and butterflies and soft kitty cat purrs
And all the precious memories of times that once were.
Little girls are made of angel's wings and giggles and a firefly's glow
And all the happy feelings, deep inside, that we all know.
Little girls are made of cinnamon and bubbles and fancy white pearls
And snowflakes and rainbows and ballerina twirls.
Little girls are made of sunshine and cupcakes and fresh morning dew,
And these are the reasons, little one, why everyone loves you.

Emmy is 18 months old today! Time has just gone too fast and she is changing constantly. We've got her 18-month check up on Wednesday so I'll fill in more details then.

We love you are a shining light and a huge blessing in our life!

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